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AngularJS style guide

Published on 2014-08-14 by Raul
Some styleguides when starting to implement a solution using AngularJS:

Everything you need to know about cryptography in 1 hour

Published on 2014-06-12 by Raul
I found via Hacker News a great presentation abuot the do-s and don't-s of crytography

Angular directive in separate files error

Published on 2014-06-09 by Raul
Today I ran into an issue which I couldn't figure out for a while

Great guide to angular directives

Published on 2014-06-05 by Raul
I thought I'd share a great guide to angular directive usage:

Angular error: Template for directive must have exactly one root element

Published on 2014-05-30 by Raul
When using ui.bootstrap in an angular project, I find a lot of errors like this: 'Template for directive 'modalBackdrop' must have exactly one root element. template/modal/backdrop.html'

Angular Tips: ng-options does not work

Published on 2014-05-16 by Raul
When binding a select with ng-options, even though I had data in the array, the select wasn't populated.

ASP.NET source code released on github

Published on 2014-05-15 by Raul
Microsoft has released yesterday the source code for ASP.NET on GitHub.

jQuery unbind from event handler

Published on 2014-05-01 by Raul
Whenever I used jQuery for client side code, I created a separate function for the event handler, so I could detach it later

Upgrading Windows to an SSD without reinstalling windows

Published on 2014-04-24 by Raul
Today I managed to move my existing Windows installation from an old 90GB SSD to to a brand new, 240GB one, within around an hour. Here's how

Javascript WAT

Published on 2014-04-22 by Raul
A short and funny presentation regarding the less logical operations included in javascript, such as [] + [], [] + {}, {} + {}

Douglas Crockford on Javascript

Published on 2014-04-04 by Raul
A great 5 series of talks by one Douglas Crockford on the history of javascript, history of the browser and the future of both. Even though it's a bit old, from 2010, it's still accurate and applicable.

Ember JS vs Angular JS

Published on 2014-03-25 by Raul
A very good comparision on Ember vs Angular javascript frameworks

Javascript date library

Published on 2014-03-06 by Raul
I've started working a lot with javascript recently; one of the issues that I regularly encountered was that the Date object was incomplete. I couldn't add a day to it and there were plenty of other things I thought missing.

New operator in C#

Published on 2014-02-27 by Raul
The popular language, which I am a fan of, is getting a new operator: ?.

Replace all occurences if a substring in a string

Published on 2014-02-24 by Raul
Using javascript's replace method will only replace the first occurence of a substring in a string. To replace all occurences, you'll need to use regular expressions

Modern css framework

Published on 2014-02-11 by Raul
Css frameworks have become hugely popular. There are few developers that haven't heard to Bootstrap CSS framework, which can elegantly handle tablets and mobile devices, without a need for horizontal scroll.

Unique Value Proposition for Your SaaS Product

Published on 2014-02-02 by Raul
A unique value proposition(UVP) is a short sentence that makes your product stand out from your competitor's. It describes best it's unique features.

Website grader tools

Published on 2014-02-01 by Raul
From time to time, I check the score of my website through different grader tools, to find out what can I improve on it. I thought it would be a good idea to share this list here:

You might not need jQuery

Published on 2014-01-31 by Raul
I've come across a great site recently: It makes you wonder wheather you really need it.

Becoming an expert

Published on 2014-01-29 by Raul
Becoming an expert in customer aquisition, with links to each domain to get basic knowledge on

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