Douglas Crockford on Javascript

Published on 2024-07-19 by Raul

A great 5 series of talks by one Douglas Crockford on the history of javascript, history of the browser and the future of both. Even though it's a bit old, from 2010, it's still accurate and applicable.

Crockford on JavaScript - Volume 1: The Early Years

 The history of javascript

Crockford on JavaScript - Chapter 2: And Then There Was JavaScript

 Explains each built-in type in javscript, along with common errors. A MUST SEE!

Crockford on JavaScript - Act III: Function the Ultimate

 Everything about functions, "classes", this, inheritance.

Crockford on JavaScript - Episode IV: The Metamorphosis of Ajax

 Everything about the DOM and javascript interaction with the DOM.

Crockford on JavaScript - Part 5: The End of All Things

  Security and performance in both the browser and the javascript language.

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