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I'm Raul, a full stack freelance web developer from Bucharest, Romania.

I can help your business increase revenue through custom built software solutions.

I specialise as a full stack developer with C# / ASP.NET MVC on the server-side, and Javascript / HTML / HTML5 / CSS / CSS3 (including frameworks like AngularJS, Handlebars, jQuery, etc) on the client side.

Let's discuss your project

Having over 10 years experience as both employee and freelancer, I understand the problems you are facing in working with developers!

Our promise

  • Your emails/messages will be promptly answered. We never get more than one project!
  • You are involved in the project from the beginning. You will know its progress any time
  • We talk regular english, not developer "I will just add a grid here, and we're done!" english

Our services

  • Custom software development: web/desktop/mobile applications
  • Website maintainance: A/B testing, conversion optimization, backup automatization, etc
  • Code optimizations: we can work with your existing code, making it faster, cleaner, easier to undestand!
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How do our clients describe us

The team at CreativeCLR accompanied our project from the idea to the first launch, in September 2012. Without their help and expertise, we wouldn't have been able to launch our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in terms of budget and tight deadline. 3 versions and tens of thousands of visitors later, CreativeCLR is now an integral part of our company. The expertise, the responsiveness and the professionalism of the CreativeCLR team had a big role in the strong growth of our startup [...]

Raul is cool. Raul is smart. Raul is fast. I would anytime choose him if i would be to develop an application on .NET because unlike many programmers is very easy to work with Raul. He is responsive, very client oriented, pleasant as a person and always ready to find a solution, even for the most complicated technical challanges.

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